Monday, May 2, 2016

Makoto Saotome

Makoto Saotome (早乙女マコト Saotome Makoto)
Voiced by: Ikue Ohtani
It is the friend and roommate Himeko, "Mako-chan" is an athletic girl, one of the fastest runners Ototachibana. The day Sōma attacked Himeko was seriously injured due to collapse because of this injury, their ability to compete in the inter school career was destroyed. After this incident I walked away from Himeko, blaming it for the wounds he received. Does not reappear in the series but almost to the climax, when Himeko helps you make the final decision.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Otoha Kisaragi

Otoha Kisaragi (Kisaragi Otoha 如月乙羽)
Voiced by: Chinami Nishimura
It is the personal maid of Chikane. When Himeko move to the mansion with Chikane, Otoha immediately realizes the link between them and becomes terribly jealous by getting angry with Himeko Chikane snatch and hurt his feelings. In addition to generating some humorous and dramatic throughout the series situations, their stories play an important role in understanding the past Chikane paper and that only has eyes for Himeko. When sent out of town because of the shock, he confesses to Chikane how much you love and admire. Chikane then hugs and Otoha blushes and broke into tears.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Yukihito (ユキヒト)
Voiced by: Minami Omi
Assistant temple, its work is to assist the priest and priestesses, in preparing the weapon that will defeat Orochi. You never mentioned how he got to the temple. It is the best friend and confidant of Soma.

Kazuki Ogami

Minor Characters

Kazuki Ogami (大神カズキ Ogami Kazuki)
Voiced by: Saito Moichi
The Soma's brother and legal guardian, as well as priest of "The temple gives the Solar and Lunar Priestess". Their duties include maintaining the legacy of the priestesses, and prepare for battle against Orochi. Although displayed serene to others, is concerned by Soma and the curse of Orochi can give; even to some extent he cares about Himeko and Chikane. Ironically, despite their concerns, there are clear indications that does not share everything you know about the ritual to defeat Orochi, even with Soma.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Soma Ogami

Sōma Ogami (大神ソウマ Ogami Sōma)
Seiyu: Junji Majima
The Seventh Neck (七の首 not kubi Nana), is the only Orochi able to withstand complete transformation into an evil being. For much of the Sōma series is the only one that protects Himeko and Chikane and end plays a big role in the destruction of Orochi. It has a very high, comparable to Chikane social status, and most of his colleagues believe they are a couple, but really until the first incident does not occur with Orochi, barely speak. Like Chikane, he is in love with Himeko and fighting strongly to protect her until he is overwhelmed by the curse of Orochi, leaving him out of action, but his brother Tsubasa rescues soon. The robot Soma, Take no Yamikazuchi, is a humanoid robot that has a wide variety of attacks. In personal combat, Soma initially used his own body. Adeltante more, in the form of sword fighting with his brother. Porta Orochi mark on his forehead.


Nekoko (ネココ)

Seiyu: Ai Nonaka

The Sixth Cuello (六の首 Roku no kubi) catgirl is a small, squeaky voice (its name derives from neko, cat in Japanese) at which it is commonly seen wearing a costume of a nurse and a giant syringe. A priori, seems to fit the stereotypical catgirl cheerful and noisy, but during the plot is revealed that in the past was the victim of horrific medical experiments, allegedly causing it to become Orochi. Nekoko syringe contains a healing substance that can heal wounds. Alternatively, Nekoko can throw the syringes as missiles with the same explosive charge that can be seen in the feathers of Reiko. His robot, Izuhara not Tamazuchi, nicknamed Meow Meow (Nya Nya), is a giant mechanical ball, equipped with lots of guns and can destroy buildings easily. Nekoko take everything as a game, when it's your turn to face the priestesses, rather than confront them directly, first you begin to destroy the entire city while singing and laughs innocently. There are indications that bears the mark of Orochi on her butt.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Reiko Ota

Reiko Ota (Ota 大田レーコ Reiko)
Voiced by: Mamiko Noto
The Fifth Cuello (五の首 kubi not Go) is an antisocial mangaka. Reiko your membership is taken to Orochi as a "day job" and the sale of its manga has improved since joining. Interacts little with the other Orochi and the fight is cold and calculating. It shares its name with Hitoshi Ota, one of the writers Kannazuki no Miko's. His robot, Ho Shuraizuchi not take the form of a pot-shaped anthropomorphic. In personal combat, Reiko throws feathers to their objectives. Like lipsticks Corona, these pens have explosive charge and explode on contact. Interestingly, Himeko adores Reiko sleeve and is an avid reader of his work. Reiko is eventually petrified and purified by Chikane. There are indications that bears the mark of Orochi on her back.